5 Debunked Ways to Kill Ants and 1 Proven Method that Worked.


I have had ants in my house over the past 4 days. I wanted to kill them using natural and holistic products that I already had in my home. I read three different blogs to get an idea on what I could use to kill them. Unfortunately, none of them worked. This is my sad and defeated face.

I really wanted them to work because I believe in holistic natural products and having a toxin-free home. Everyday I tried something new, but nothing seemed to work. Before trying these I vacuumed up the ants but more came back.

5 debunked ways that didn’t kill the ants:

  1. Vinegar and Water: I took a small spray bottle that I had and filled it up with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. I sprayed the mixture on the ants and waited about 30 minutes to see if it worked but the little suckers kept moving and it seemed to bring back more ants the next day. Oh vey. So don’t try this at home.
  2. Essential Oils – I added a few drops of vetiver oil on my window sill and waited a few hours before checking. The ants were supposed to be drawn into the smell and get stuck in the semi-sticky oil so that I could easily wipe them up. Nope. Big fail. They didn’t even get close to it.
  3. Double-sided tape – I placed a long strip of double sided tape near 5 ants. 2 walked away from it while 3 got really close, smelled it, and almost walked into the sticky trap, but I think they new it was a trap. lol. These are smart ants.

4. Lemon Peels – I placed two lemon peels by the window sill and let it sit there overnight. Next morning – no dead ants. Grrrr.

5. Vinegar and Dawn Soap – I took my spray bottle and emptied the water and vinegar that was in there prior. I added 75% of vinegar and 25% soap. Shook it up and sprayed. Out of all these ways, this one worked the best. It killed a lot of the ants, but didn’t keep them from coming back.

The 1 proven method that I am not proud of but worked:

When in doubt go with the well-known company that seems to work over and over again. I was determined to get these ants out of my house. After everything I tried and failing, i needed something that is powerful and would work immediately. Any guesses at this point?

If you guessed Raid..you are right. I stopped by Walmart on my home last night and picked up a bottle of raid that kills ants and cockroaches. I chose the Lemon Scented Raid. I sprayed the ants that were visible and they died within about 30 seconds to a minute. I then had to respray an hour later because there were some still lingering. Today I found one ant that was trying to make his way into my home; probably checking on his buddies.

I could have called my maintenance guy to come spray outside but that would have taken days and it wouldn’t have helped with the ants I was dealing with on the inside.

So officially if you want to get the job done quickly…go get some Raid. Toxins vs. Natural Products 1-0.

The clean up process was easy. I just took a few pieces of shipping tape, picked them up, and threw them out. You can also use toilet paper, paper towels, or your vacuum.


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